Provincial Office of Economic Studies and Projections

About Us

Near the end of 2011 the Provincial Office of Economic Studies and Projections was created to bring relevance to research work at the Ministry of Economy of the Province of Buenos Aires. The Office was in charge of all of the field studies at the Ministry, thus resolving historical overlapping among under-secretariats. In addition, the Office is directly under the Minister’s secretary facilitating the cannels to provide counsel.

There are three offices under the Provincial Office of Economic Studies and Projections which carry out research into various fields: Macroeconomic Analysis, which studies federal and provincial economy and carries out general research works; Domestic Economic Analysis which is in charge of local and municipal fiscal, productive, social research; and the Public Spending Analysis which is involved in provincial programs and policies.

The Office’s main goal is to consolidate research work and provide counsel to those in charge to take decisions.

To achieve that goal the Office makes reports and research work on issues of interest in the Province; will resume publishing traditional works such as Economy Books which have proved very helpful to a number of people, publish reports carried out by the Office and institutionalize actions and mechanisms to assess economic policies and public spending.






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