Institutional Communication



He holds a degree in social communication specialized in press management, being a spokesperson, advertising negotiation, public relations and event organization.

He has experience in both the public and private sector. He managed press and external communications in the Undersecretary of Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires (nowadays called Cultural Institute), the honorable Chamber of Representatives and EDELAP, among other companies and institutions. He has also worked as a journalist and radio producer in several news media in the city of La Plata.
Desde febrero de 2016 se desempeña como responsable de la Unidad de Comunicación Institucional del Ministerio de Economía de la provincia de Buenos Aires, donde conduce el equipo responsable de la Comunicación, Prensa e Identidad Visual del organismo.
Since February 2016 he has been the head of the Institutional Communications Unit of the Ministry of Economy of the Province of Buenos Aires, where he leads the team responsible for Communication, Press and Visual Identity of Ministry.



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