Provincial Tax Policy Office

About Us

The Provincial Office of Tax Policy has a long history in the Ministry of Economy. It has designed and optimized provincial tax revenues towards economic fairness and efficiency. In addition, It has provided ongoing assistance to the agents of the Province of Buenos Aires before the Federal Tax Committee to safeguard provincial interests within the framework of fiscal and financial interprovincial relations.

Among its daily duties are: to design and evaluate the annual Tax bill, study and develop Tax Code modifications, calculate revenue and design the Provincial Budget.

In addition, the office regularly forecasts tax revenues, evaluates and follows up tax collection, interprets laws on provincial taxes.

The Tax Policy Office is in charge of:

  1. Design the provincial tax policies and propose legislation, creating drafts and bills to implement policies.
  2. Coordinate the provincial tax system and unify the institutional, legal, technical and economic criteria to meet the fiscal targets.
  3. Participate in every matter related to provincial taxes.
  4. Calculate tax revenues, projecting provincial tax laws.
  5. Interpret laws with reference to tax revenues, compile them and analyze their evolution.
  6. Make proposals towards social and economic development for the Province to promote economic activities through tax policy tools.
  7. Coordinate with the agency in charge and implement laws and carry out actions to execute the tax revenue policies.
  8. Evaluate the performance of the targets established by the Tax Agency ARBA pursuant to sections. 11 and 12 of Law Nº 13.766.
  9. Represent the Province and/or Ministry of Economy before the Federal Fiscal Agency, the Arbitration Committee and any fiscal agency and/or committee.
  10. Participate in any matter related to federal and municipal tax co-participation making tax revenue impact estimates.
  11. Design, keep and inform about historical statistics and tax law base.



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